Tuition and Fees

 Investing in your education will be one of the most important steps you take in preparing for your future.  We at Southwestern Christian University understand the importance of that decision, which is why we strive to be one of the least expensive accredited private universities in Oklahoma.

Payment Options:

All tuition and other charges are due the day of registration. If the account cannot be paid in full on the day of registration, the following payment plan is available:

  • One-fourth is due upon registration.
  • One-fourth is due one month after registration.
  • One-fourth is due two months after registration.
  • One-fourth (the remaining balance) is due three months after registration.

A late payment fee of $50 will be charged for payments not made by the due date. If the total amount due (sum of payments plus $50 late fee) is not paid by the next due date, the student will be removed from class.

  • All charges for students taking fewer than 9 hours per semester must be paid in full at the beginning of each class.
  • All accounts must be settled by the end of each semester before a student can re-enroll for the next semester. All scholarship money will be applied at the end of each semester.


Full Time/Part Time Resident and Non-Resident $425 per credit hour

Block Tuition

15-18 hours of credit are priced at only 15 hours of credit

Room & Board*

Standard $2,650 per semester
Suite $2,850 per semester
Efficiency $3,050 per semester
Quad  $3,350 per semester
Quad with Living Room  $3,550 per semester
Room Deposit $100 per academic year
Additional Private Room Fee $200 per semester (if available)
*Includes 19 meals per week 

Standard Fees

General Fee* $375 per semester
Athletic Fee $20 per semester
Directed Study Fee $25 per credit hour
Private Music Lessons Fee $25 per credit hour
Drop/Add Fee $3 per credit hour
Late Registration Fee $5 per credit hour
Audit Fee $100 per course
Advanced Standing Fee $100 per test
Accompanist Fee $50 per credit hour
Graduation Fee $150
International Admissions Application Fee $200
*Required of every student

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