Theology & Missions Faculty

Theology & Missions Head

Name: Adrian Hinkle

Title/Rank/Position: Dean of The School of Professional Studies and Head of the  Theology and Missions Department

Discipline: Biblical Studies

Year Hired: 2004
Education: M.A., Ph.D. Candidate
Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Society of Biblical Literature
Areas of Specialty: Old Testament
Courses Taught:

BI 6403 Old Testament
BI 5213 Biblical Interpretation
BIBL 1403 Old Testament History and Literature
BIBL 3213 Romans
BIBL 3223 Hermeneutics
BIBL 3313 Wisdom Literature
BIBL 3323 Psalms
BIBL 3423 History of Israel
BIBL 4013 Major Prophets
BIBL 4123 Prison Epistles
CHED 3112 Bible Teaching Methods
ENGL 2343 Classics in Christian Literature
MISS 2803 Comparative Religions
LPHIL 2113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2113 Critical Thinking
PMIN 4442 Church Polity
THEO 2103 Christian Beliefs
YMIN 3453 Foundations of Youth Ministry
YMIN 4013 Youth Program Development
YMIN 4213 Youth Relationship Skills

Office Location: Robertson Building

Email Address:
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2-4 pm
Research Interests: Old Testament Narratives
Publications and Professional Presentations:

Hinkle, A. (2005) Life in the Fast Lane, Eight week Bible study series for women. Published with IPHC Women’s Ministries.
Hinkle, A. “Review of Dale Martin, ‘Pedagogy of the Bible: An Analysis and Proposal’”. Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research. Fall 2010, Vol. 2.
Hinkle, A. “Review of Paul Elbert, ‘Pastoral Letter to Theo: An Introduction to Interpretation and Women’s Ministries.’” Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies. July 2009, Vol 12, Num. 2.
Hinkle, A. “Review of Letter to Theo.” Pneuma Review. Winter 2009, Vol. 12, Num. 1.

Professional Presentations:
• Taught a training session titled, “The Engaged Classroom” at the CAHEA conference in Oklahoma City, July 2010.
• Taught an Old Testament course for the IPHC Heartland Conference School of Ministry (2010).

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 12:9

Theology / Missions Faculty

Name: Kenneth L. Young

Title/Rank/Position: Faculty (Professor), Department of Theology and Missions
Discipline: Bible, Theology

Year Hired: July 1997
Education:  M.A.T.S., ThD Candidate
Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Society of Biblical Literature; Society of Pentecostal Studies
Previous Professional Experience: 15 years Pastoring; 13 years as Director and then Dean of Professional Studies
Areas of Specialty: Gospel of John; Biblical Theology
Courses Taught: NT History & Literature; Biblical Discipleship; History of Pentecostalism; Luke-Acts; Greek I, II, III (Philippians), and IV (John); Life & Teachings of Jesus; Romans; Hebrews; Inerrancy & Authority of Scripture; Minor Prophets; Life & Leadership of David; NT Prison Epistles; Intro to Philosophy; Christian Social Ethics; Spiritual Formation; Person & Work of the Holy Spirit; Adult Faith Development; (Team taught) Adult Learning & Development
Office Location: Bungalow Cabin#3

Email Address:
Office Hours:
Research Interests:
Publications and Professional Presentations:
Mission/Passion: To serve in a college, university, or seminary as a servant leader and teacher where my experiences and abilities may be utilized collectively with others in order to assist both colleagues and students in discovering, developing, and deploying their individual and communal gifts to Christ’s Church and his world.

 Favorite Bible Verse(s): Romans 8:28 and John 12:24

 Name: Mark D. Culham

Title/Rank/Position: Faculty, Department of Theology and Missions; Director of Spiritual Life
Discipline: Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Apologetics, Ethics

Year Hired: August 2011
Education:  B.A. Theology, concentration in Philosophy and Christian Apologetics, Trinity College
of the Bible; M.A.T.S., Asbury Theological Seminary
Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Evangelical Philosophical Society 
Previous Professional Experience: Credentialed Minister, Open Bible Churches, 1991-present;
church pastor, 16 years, 1991-2007; Adjunct Instructor, Asbury University, 2010-11
Areas of Specialty: Philosophy, Ethics

Courses Taught: Introduction to Philosophy; Church History I; Church History II; Apologetics;
Social Ethics; The Bible as Literature

Office Location: Cabin#3
Email Address: 
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 2-4
Research Interests: The Problem of
Publications and Professional Presentations: What is Your Philosophy?, The Message,

 Name: Marvin J. Hudson

 Title/Rank/Position: Faculty (Part-time), Department of Theology and Missions
Discipline: New Testament Literature

Year Hired: 2008
Education: B.A. Religion, M.A. New Testament, M. Div general religiosity, D. Min (Asbury)
Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Society of Biblical Literature, Classical Association of the Middle West-South
Previous Professional Experience: Adjunct Faculty at Phillips Theological Seminary, Southern Nazarene University
Areas of Specialty: Pauline literature, New Testament Greek
Courses Taught:
Office Location: 
Email Address:
Office Hours:
Research Interests:
Publications and Professional Presentations:

Favorite Bible Verse: