The Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan of LCI

Mission/Vision Statement of LCI

The Mission

The LifeCoaching Institute (LCI) is an special interest institute organization operating under the non-profit status of Southwestern Christian University. The SCU-LCI is dedicated to advancement, training and educational promotion of Christ-centered life coaching in contemporary society.

The institute exists to insure the following: 1) Tactical and strategic support for those in training, 2) Supervision and instruction in skill development, 3) An internationally recognized professional certification process, 4) Graduate level studies and degree programs. Our goal is to produce an academically sound, professional training experience that is grounded in biblical principles and concept.LCI will also form the Center for the Study of Life Coaching. The center will focus  primarily on two areas, 1)the of study of  life coaching in the business and corporate world. 2) The study of life coaching in the church and ministerial realms.

The Vision

First and foremost LCI views itself as an extension of the vision and mission of Southwestern Christian University. Secondly, LCI is dedicated to the advancement, training and educational promotion of Christ-centered life coaching in contemporary society. We will carry out this vision in the following venues of service

1. By offering a quality life coaching degree at the graduate level.
The training and experience thereof is outlined in detail in our course catalogue.
• Degree offerings including specialization in both ministerial and executive coaching.

2. By offering an internationally recognized coaching certification program.*
• Certification will be offered on three levels, 1) A Certified Growth Coach track, 2) A Certified Professional Life Coach track, 3) A Certified Trainer track.
• Certification programs recognized by ICF (International Coach Federation.)

3. Through hosting life coaching conferences, seminars, academic meetings, and training events on the Southwestern Christian University campus.
• Local, regional and national events through major companies and organizations.
• Offered annually.

4. By excelling as a Center for the Study of Life Coaching.
• The presentation of academic papers and reviews.
• Our high expectation is that SCU-IFLC will become a national voice for the life coaching movement.

*The certification program is also offered separate from the degree program. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree.

Closing Summary

Although this document contains a clear manifesto of the purpose and mission of Southwestern Christian University’s LifeCoaching Institute, it is in no way an exhaustive statement of all that God has planned for the institute. It simply contains a small glimpse of what we believe to be our destiny, with the understanding that destiny can often be veiled and illusive.

The future is bright for the life coaching movement and statistics demonstrate that today’s society has readily embraced it. With this in mind, we will hoist up our sails to the wind of God’s Spirit and let His breeze carry us to our anticipated destination.  

"Mentoring is imparting to you what God has put in me; coaching is drawing out of you what God has put in you."


Dale Stoll...Life Coach