Standing Committees

SCU Standing Committees - 2011-2012 

Academic Year 2010-2011

Financial Aid/Scholarship Committee
Billie Stewart, Dir. Of Fin. Aid – Chair
Dr. Ed Huckeby, President
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA
Wallace Hamilton, VP for Fiscal Affairs
Dr. Terry Tramel, Grad. School Dean
Chad Pugh, Dir. Of Admissions
Dr. Jim Poteet, Education/Sport Mgmt

Academic Council (Undergraduate)
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA (ex-officio)
Marilyn Hudson, Dir. Of Lib. Services 
Adrian Hinkle, Missions/Theology Dept.
Shelley Groves, English Dept.

Graduate Council
Dr. Terry Tramel, Grad. Dean – Chair
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA (ex-officio)
John Chasteen, Ex. Dir. LifeCoaching
Dr. Spencer Ledbetter, Grad. Faculty
Dr. Paul Williams, Grad. Faculty
Dr. Marvin Hudson, Grad. Faculty
Adrian Hinkle, Grad. Faculty

Athletic Committee
Mark Arthur, Athletic Dir. - Chair
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA
David Roman, Faculty Athletic Rep.
Jean Purdue, Registrar 
Harve Griffin, Education/Sport Mgmt

Library Committee
Marilyn Hudson, Dir. Library Services – Chair
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA 
Ken Young, Mission/Theology
Shelley Groves, English
Dr. Paul Williams, Grad. School

Student Development Committee
Wesley Doub, Student Senate Pres.
Gary Burchette, Prof Studies
Student to be elected by Student Senate

University Disciplinary Committee
Naomi Bates, VP of Student Senate
Geordan Kanelopoulos, Student Rep
Justin Prough, Resident Director
Elizabeth Purdue, Student Rep
Jon Chasteen, VP for Univ. Development
Adrian Hinkle, Faculty Representative

Admissions/Retention Committee
Chad Pugh, Dir. Of Admissions – Chair
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA
Jean Purdue, Registrar
Billie Stewart, Dir. Of Financial Aid
Faculty member (to be elected by faculty)

Spiritual Life Committee 
Dir. Of Spiritual Life – Chair
Dr. Ed Huckeby, President
Dr. Reggies Wenyika, VPAA
Adrian Hinkle, Missions/Theology Chair
David Roman, Fine Arts Chair
Linda Garrett, Business faculty