Social Media and the New Generation

Social Media and the New Generation

A quick look at how this generation connects.

Weblog – Blog, My Space, Facebook, what do these words have in common? They’re all words used to describe new methods of connecting, methods that are rapidly changing the communication norms in America and around the world.

New social trends are sweeping the planet and reshuffling cultural norms that have been in place for centuries. Experts now tell us that there could be over 150 million bloggers world-wide. On top of that, there are now over 350 million Facebook users - and growing.

So by now you may be asking, “Just what is social media? How does it affect me? Here are a few thoughts regarding the rise of social media and the sudden shift of communication methods:

1. Our Mobile Society Has Demanded It.

Centuries ago most families remained geographically connected. They generally lived in the same neighborhood and frequently in the same household. Not today! Most live hours, if not days away from family and loved ones.

It only makes sense to connect using the most convenient methods available.

2. Competing Demands for Our Time.

As strangely as it sounds, many are too busy for regular sit down communication. (Please understand I’m not advocating this kind of lifestyle!)

Consequently, we buy into the cultural norms that best fit our life and schedule.

3. Technology Now Allows Us to Connect Differently.

Technology has been on an endless pursuit to connect mankind. Wireless, Bluetooth, and fiber optics, tweeting and texting are just a few of the tools mankind now uses to stay connected.

However, remember, even in a technological world, mankind needs relationships.


I can’t help but believe that the prophet Daniel somehow caught a glimpse of this day when he penned the words, “many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall multiply. Daniel 12:4 YLT

While blogs, Twitter and FaceBook continue to carve out new connecting norms in America culture, unfortunately many in the religious world continues to respond basically the same way it did in Jesus' day when he penned these words in Luke 16:8, “The sons of this world are shrewder in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light.”

Like Jesus, I’m concerned that the sons of this generation might be out-doing us. Think about it.

Coach John

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