Policies and Programs for Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, and Weapons

Southwestern Christian University desires to promote an environment of safety and security.  As part of our Safety and Security standards, SCU has established policies that both Faculty and Students must adhere. Each year reminders of our policies are addressed through public presentations during TNT (Transition and Transformation) Week, resident hall programs and printed material. 

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

In compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Community Act Amendment of 1989, Southwestern Christian University clearly prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs, alcohol, and unlawful substances by students and employees on University property or during any part of University activities.  Students under the age of 21 must understand that, according to Oklahoma law, possession or distribution of alcohol is illegal and is prohibited. SCU prohibits the use of all illegal drugs - on or off campus - by students, faculty, and staff.  For illicit drugs, legal sanctions apply at any age.  SCU also prohibits the use and/or distribution of tobacco and tobacco-related products.


In the event that an SCU student, staff or faculty member is found to be responsible for criminal activity, that person will be subject to disciplinary action according to the procedures outlined in the SCU Student/Faculty Handbooks, in addition to any legal proceedings that may be required by federal, state, or legal codes.


Weapons are not allowed on the SCU campus.  Hand guns, shot guns, air guns, pellet guns, paint guns, rifles, hunting knives, martial arts weapons and fireworks are examples of prohibited weapons.  Possession of these weapons may result in arrest and will result in a fine and confiscation of the weapon(s).