Registration Information

Traditional Student Registration Deadlines, Spring 2014

New students must register by Monday, January 7 and attend the new student orientation on Friday, January 10. This orientation includes transfer students as well as first-time freshmen. During this orientation, students will become familiar with the expectations, policies and procedures of SCU. This orientation is an important first step into the world of Southwestern Christian University.

Physical presence is not required for registration as all the registration steps can be completed through email and/or by phone. Students should use this registration check list as a guide to ensure each step of registration is completed.

Returning students who are planning to return in the spring must complete the following steps:

  1. Pre-enroll with their advisors before Friday, December 6
  2. and do one of the following to finalize registration by
    • signing a contract with the business office between Mon., December 2 and Tues., December 10, or
    • having a spring 2014 balance of $0 showing on the ledger by Tues., December 10

Pre-enrolled students who finalized registration (see above) after Tuesday, December 10 will be charged a late registration fee of $5 per credit hour. However, if registration is not finalized by close of business on Monday, January 7, pre-enrolled students will be dropped from all their classes and will need to re-enroll with their advisors and make a payment before January 13. This delay in registration might cause a change in schedule due to closed classes and will cost the student additional fees (another $5 per credit hour). Therefore, it is very important for returning students to follow registration procedures to continue enrollment at SCU.

All students may register immediately and are encouraged to do so.

Students who have not finalized registration by Monday, January 13 will be pulled from classes and will be asked to vacate campus housing.

Registration How To Video

Click here to see our Registration Video on YouTube.

Note: a first payment is required before registration is complete.

Traditional Student Registration Schedule, Spring 2014

Returning Students

Step 1
Pre-enroll with your advisor by Friday, December 6

Step 2
By Tuesday, December 10, sign a contract with the business office or have a zero balance showing on your ledger for spring 2014. After December 10, late fees of $5 per credit hour will apply.

Step 3
If there is a spring balance, make a first payment by Monday, January 7. (If you have not made a payment by January 7, we will assume you do not plan to return to school, and you will be dropped from all your classes and removed from the housing list. You will need to re-enroll and make a payment by Friday, January 17 to be allowed to attend SCU in the spring.)

Step 4
Return to school on Saturday, January 9.

New Students

Step 1

Before arriving on campus (see Step 2 for check-in dates), please be sure to have the following completed:
  1. Complete FAFSA ( and Verification documents (these may be sent to you after your FAFSA is filed)
  2. Complete and return by mail the following forms to Student Affairs:
  3. Send (or bring copies to campus) the following:
    • your medical insurance card
    • your car insurance
    • your immunization records

Step 2
Make a first payment by Monday, January 7.

Step 3
Check-in at the administration building from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Thursday, January 9. Note: Students may not enroll in classes after Friday, January 17.

Step 4
Complete all unfinished items on the Registration Checklist. Once these items are completed, you will receive your school ID and clearance to move in to dorms and attend classes.

Step 5
Welcome to SCU! You may now move in, buy books ( ), attend class, etc.