Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministry

Biblically centered pastors are our frontline of defense in a nation that is becoming increasingly hostile toward Christianity.

The Pastoral major is designed to prepare men and women for successful pastorates by excellent classroom instruction that exposes them to the real world of ministry through a diverse curriculum, guest professors and successful practitioner pastors.

Students will be addressing contemporary topics such as death and dying, relative preaching methods, group building, community outreach and evangelism to mention a few. A healthy emphasis is also placed on balancing the pastor’s ministry life and private life to avoid ministerial burnout. 

Requires 15 hours of the following courses:

  • PMIN 5613 Small Groups and Community
  • PMIN 5673 Evangelism & Mission
  • PMIN 5853 Contemporary Communication ..Or..
    PMIN 5553 Leadership: Conflict Management
  • PMIN 5773 Pastoral Care
  • Elective 

Requires 6 hours of Research Curriculum

  • RES 5803 Research Methods
  • RES 6913 Ministry Application Project (MAP Capstone)

Requires the 15 hours of Core Curriculum

“We live in a day when pastors’ concepts of ministry are in flux. Pastoral service is harder now than ever before. What’s going on?”

                                        H.B. London Jr., Focus on the Family.