Looking for an Accredited Life Coaching Degree? Look no further

Looking for an Accredited Life Coaching Degree?

The coaching movement is alive and well, both in the church and the corporate landscape of America. According to Harvard Business Review, the number of people entering the coaching field has skyrocketed over the last decade with coaching being the second fastest growing vocation in the world.

The Life Coaching track provides cutting edge academic information, along with guided, hands-on experience. The course not only introduces the student to the foundational principles of coaching, it also walks them through the entire training process including the completion of a professional coaching certification from *Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. This is a must-take track for the serious life coach want-to-be.

This major requires 15 hours from the courses listed below, plus the Core & Research Curriculum:

  • LC 5103 Life Coaching: Theory and Practice
  • LC 5203 Life Coaching: Perspectives on Strategic Living
  • LC 5303 Life Coaching: Advanced Issues and Essentials
  • LC 5403 Life Coaching: Coaching as a Career Elective
  • Requires 6 hours of Research Curriculum RES 5803 Research Methods RES 5803 Research Methods
  • Plus 15 hours of Core Curriculum (See Academics, adult studies, graduate school for Core Currlm)

Life Coaching Track also recommends 3 certification modules (Each module is 13 weeks) * Lifeforming Leadership Coaching is based out of Virginia Beach VA and is the largest Christian based coaching organization in the world