Email Signature Logos

Logos for faculty/staff email signatures

Instructions on how to place university logo in your email signature:
1) Open your university email account.
2) In the upper right hand corner click on the "settings" and scroll down to the "signature" section.
3) Type in your desired signature (see below for a sample signature).  
4) Below the signature, put your cursor about 1 space below the last line of your signature and click on the "add picture" button (button that looks like a picture).
5) When the prompt pops up on the screen, it asks you to put in a "URL" of the logo.  Go back to the SCU webpage and follow #6 for instructions on how to get the "URL" code.
6) To find the correct "URL", see logos below for different options of the SCU logo to use in your signature.  Please use the corresponding logo that fits with the department you work in.  If you do not work in any of these departments, simply use the "swoosh" logo that is not part of any "school of."  When you find the desired logo, "right click" the image and click on "properties."  When this opens, you will see a section called " address URL."  Highlight that entire URL code and right click again and click on "Copy."  This is what you paste into the URL space in your email settings area.  Once you paste it in there...simply click "ok."  The logo will first appear very large.  When you click on the will give you four options, "small, medium, large or original size."  The medium sized should be the right size.  This should place the logo in the signature of every email you send out.

Sample employee signature:

John Doe, Ph. D.
Southwestern Christian University
Director of Parking Lot Operations

(insert university logo here)

Approved logos for email signatures :
**Please note...all logo options for email signatures are our "abbreviated logo" options.  The reason for that is our full logo does not proportionally fit in given area.