Living Life - One Conversation at a Time

Living Life - One Conversation at a Time

Come into the conversation with nothing but yourself

It has been said that life is comprised of one meaningful conversation after another. Could it really be that simple?" Possibly! I believe success in life is connected with our conversations, so it stands to reason that it's advantageous to become skilled in conversation. 

Are you living life one conversation at a time? Here are a few pointers, hope they help.

 1. Seek to understand, not interpret the other person.

2. Never interrupt the other person while they're talking.

3. Don't dominate the conversation.

4. Don't run ahead in your thinking.

 5. Never try to one-up the other person.

6. Be fully present in the conversation.

7. Ask and give good feedback.

8. Always ask for clarification if needed.

9. Let silence do the heavy lifting.

10. Master the couraage to interrogate the conversation.


Conversations make or break us. In Jesus words, every man will be held accountable for every idle word,(Mt. 12:36) sounds pretty serious to me.

Come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real. Live life - One conversation at a time.

Coach John

Works cited: Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations

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