Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies

The Intercultural Studies Major is a major designed to prepare the student for missionary practice and travel. The courses are primarily taught by professors with practical experience on the missionary field, with many still involved in mission’s activity and ministry.

The student will be challenged to ……

  • IS 5303 Foundations of World Evangelism
  • IS 5313 Missionary Life and Practice
  • IS 5503 Ministering Across Cultures
  • IS 5403 World Religions
  • Elective

Requires 6 hours of Research Curriculum

  • RES 5803 Research Methods
  • RES 6913 Ministry Application Project

Requires the 18 hours of Core Curriculum

“A literal fulfillment of the Great Commission is not as complex as it may seem. And as we all work together, it can happen far more quickly than you might imagine.” 

                                                            Dick Eastman