Housing Info

Living on campus is a vital experience for every university student, as it provides an atmosphere where they will be challenged to grow as they build meaningful relationships. The resident life is committed to the development of the whole person. Therefore, the student life department strives to involve students in the SCU community that is nurtured by the resident life staff. Our staff consists of a full-time resident director and six resident assistants and six resident chaplains.

The housing application must be completed and received by the Resident Director before July 1st for the fall semester and Dec. 1st for the spring semester. The room fee of $100.00 must be submitted with the application in order to process your request.

For additional housing information please contact the Resident Director


Housing FAQ's


  • a. Do the resident halls have a washer and dryer?

    Yes, the resident halls have laundry facilities. The washers and dryers are coin operated.

  • Can I have a phone?

    Yes, each room has a phone jack. Students are responsible for setting up the phone service. There is only one phone line per room so students must work out an agreement to share the phone.

  • Can I have cable TV?

    Yes, you will need to set this up through the Resident Director and Cox Cable.

  • Where do I get my mail?

    7210 N.W. 39th Expressway (Room #)
    Bethany, OK  73008


    4015 N. Divis (Room #)
    Bethany, OK  73008

    All mail must have the student's room number in order for mail to be received.

  • Do I have to live on campus?

    All students less than 21 years of age must live on campus unless they are married or living at home with a parent or guardian. All resident students are required to be on a meal plan.

  • Can I bring my computer?

    Yes, we encourage students to bring their computers for educational purposes. If students do not have a computer they can take advantage of the computer lab located in the library.

  • Can I contact my roommate to see what they will be bringing so we do not duplicate large items?

    Yes, if students provide contact information it will be provided to individuals who will be living together. This is a great time to get introduced and to find out what items they plan to bring. Usually items such as microwaves and refrigerators are shared.

  • Will I get the roommate and room I choose on my application?

    Not necessarily, there are several factors that can determine room and roommate selection. For example, the time that the housing application was received or the room each person selected could be different for financial reasons. We will do our best to accommodate the needs and requests of students, but there are several variables that can affect a student's request.

  • What should I bring?

    Appliances Bedding Cleaning Supplies
    Alarm clock Twin sheets Non-abrasive cleaner
    Surge protector Pillows All-purpose cleaner
    Mini-refrigerator Mattress cover Glass cleaner
    Small microwave Comforter Paper towels
    Stereo, CD's Towels Sponges
    First Aid Kitchen Items Laundry Supplies
    Bandages Snacks Detergent
    Aspirin Utensils Fabric softener
    Cold/flu medicine Bowl, plate Iron, Ironing board
    Sunscreen Cups Laundry basket
    Stomach medicine Zip-lock Quarters
    School Supplies Miscellaneous Do not bring!
    Bookends Bible Furniture (unless
    Calculator Whiteout you will be in an
    Pens, markers Backpack an efficiency)
    Day planner Camera Heaters
    Glue, tape Clothes hangers Candles
    Highlighters Games Electric skillets
    Dictionary Posters, pictures Nails, screws
    Thesaurus Toiletries Pets
    Stamps Toilet tissue Halogen lamps
    Scissors Phone Fireworks
    Stapler, staples Calling cards Hunting equipment
    Notebooks, paper Storage box Paintball guns
  • What do the rooms look like?  How much do they cost?

    a. Standard room - single story, 3 to a room, private bathroom, phone jack, all furniture is provided.

    Cost $2,650.00 per semester, meal plan included

    b. Suite - two story building, 2 to a room, 4 to a bathroom, phone jack, all furniture is provided.

    Cost $2,850.00 per semester, meal plan included

    c. Efficiency - single story, 2 to a room, apartment style, private bathroom, phone jack, rooms have beds and dressers. Students may bring furniture but must pay a $50.00 deposit, which will be refunded once it is removed.

    Cost $3,050.00 per semester, meal plan included

d. New Quad Room - 3 story building, 4 seperate bedrooms connected by a bathroom in the middle. Each seperate room will have closets and a bed provided. 1 occupant per bedroom.

Cost $3,350.00 per semester, meal plan included

e. New Quad with Living Room - 3 story building, 4 seperate bedrooms connected by a bathroom and an additional living room. Each seperate room will have closets and bed provided, as well as a refrigerator to be shared between two rooms. Living room will come equipped with a TV and sofa.

Cost $3,550.00 per semester, meal plan included

  • Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

    Yes, the meal plan is included in the cost of the room. This benefit is provided to every resident student. Students who live off campus do not have to purchase a meal plan but may do so through the Food Services Coordinator.

  • Food services

    The food service program provided by the university offers a well-balanced menu. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered Monday through Friday. Lunch and dinner are served on the weekend. The cafeteria gives students access to a sandwich bar, hot food line, salad bar, soda's, and desserts. Some of the meals served throughout the semester are pizza, spaghetti, ribs, and steaks. All resident hall students must purchase the SCU meal plan.

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