Growth Coach Certificate

SCU's Growth Coach certification offers a basic introduction into the essential skills needed to become a life coach. The skills learned in this class would be beneficial for a person desiring to bring a coaching culture to his or her organization, business or church. It is designed for those not wanting to to coach professionally, yet who want to become skilled for personal or organizational coaching. We call this module the Formation Module. 

The Formation Module is an in-depth, 14 week program that employs a combination of a day and a half workshop, eight webinar style training sessions, and eight personal coaching sessions with a peer coach and/or coach trainer. This and other variables help to create personal transformation in the lives of the trainees. This module is designed to to help the individual understand: 

Core values – Deeply grasp the three core Lifeforming coaching values and integrate them into your coaching and leadership practices.
Coaching defined – Be able to define what coaching is, how it differs from mentoring and counseling, and then be able to develop and use basic coaching skills.
Intuitive listening – Learn to listen with your intuition for the key words that can take the conversation to the transformational level.
Powerful questions – Develop the skill of asking powerful questions which can open up new perspectives without causing a reaction
Authenticity – Experience an authentic peer relationship and develop the ability to catalyze authenticity with a coaching client.
Healthy accountability – Experience healthy peer accountability, and demonstrate the ability to offer effective accountability to clients.
The G.R.O.W. model – Become adept at using the G.R.O.W. model to focus a coaching conversation.
The coaching relationship – Learn how to estabilish and structure a coaching relationship, then put that knowledge into practice with a coaching client.
Action steps – Learn how to develop clear and challenging action steps with a high level of buy-in from the client.
Expectations – Be able to maintain expectations and momentum in a coaching.

All our modules include peer coach relationships that allow you to practice the tools and methodologies that you are learning. Also, you receive feedback during the process from your professional coach trainer. The time commitment is approximately three hours per week in addition to a one time day and a half workshop. Upon successful completion of the Formation Module, the Growth Coach Certificate is issued.

Price: The price for the Formation Module is $1100, through December 31, 2011.