Graduate School of Ministry Dean

Dean of the Adult Graduate School

Dr. Spencer Ledbetter

For a person to be prepared to labor effectively in God’s kingdom, requires study (2Ti 2:15). To know what one believes, why one believes it, and to dedicate one’s self to sharing that belief, is pivotal to carrying out the Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20). Christian leaders in particular and Christians in general must prepare themselves with knowledge of the most high in order to withstand the wiles of the devil (Eph 6:10-13); which, by the way, deal in the frontier of the mind as well as the heart (2 Co 4:4).

All cult activity and wrong spiritual teachings are based on the lack of knowledge or the perversion of it. Where there is lack, wholeness is needed, and where there is perversion, challenge is needed. Christians, prepare! We cannot trust in our own understanding (Pro 3:5-6), but when we are not prepared, that’s what’s left! Human wisdom, trying to interpret God’s will, equals deception because human wisdom cannot know God (1 Co 1:18-21). True education is trusting God to raise your understanding of him; not to cloud it further.

There is a dearth of godly leadership in the land, though there are churches on every corner. Unprepared pastors, shoot from the hip leaders, and form with no substance, reign more than truth (2 Ti 3:1-5). Yet, Jesus came into the world to bear witness to the truth, declaring that everyone that is of the truth hears his voice (Jo 18:37). The world is desperately lost, ever drifting further from truth to the point of not believing objective truth exists. Christians should be in the best position to help, having been lost and now found.

There is also a lack of confidence in God, demonstrated by the tremendous amount of scriptural revision that goes on by many that claim to know him. Preachers have their own agenda and throw out scriptures to fit. Others twist the scriptures to fit modern educated mentality. Still, others tailor things to fit a perceived success in numbers and growth. But God is looking for faithful people (Lu 18:8). Also, God wants his believers to relate to all other people groups without prejudice or ignorance.

I invite you to enroll in the SCU graduate program to further hone your gifts and prepare you to not only discern truth from error, but to lead others in the direction of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Dr Spencer Ledbetter