Faculty and Staff


Ed Huckeby, Ed.D.
President, (huckeby@swcu.edu)

President's Cabinet

Reggies Wenyika, Ed.D.
Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs, (reggies.wenyika@swcu.edu)

Mr.Kevin J. Jean, Ph.D (Candidate)
Vice-President for University Advancement, (kevin.jean@swcu.edu)

J. Mark Arthur, M.Ed.
Athletic Director, (mark.arthur@swcu.edu

Wallace Hamilton
Vice-President for Fiscal Affairs and Site Planning, (wallace.hamilton@swcu.edu)

Brad Davis, M.M.
Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, (brad.davis@swcu.edu)

Faculty and Staff

Teresa Bittle, B.S.
Online Program Coordinator, (teresa.bittle@swcu.edu

Joe Blackwell, B.S.
Director of Admissions (joe.blackwell@swcu.edu)

Jonathan Bland, M.A.
Instructor, Theology and Missions, (jonathan.bland@swcu.edu)

James Bowen, Ed.D.
 Director, Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness, (james.bowen@swcu.edu)

Elicia Brannon-Little, Ed.D.
Professor, Business (elicia.brannon-little@swcu.edu)

Erin Brown
Executive Assistant - President (erin.brown@swcu.edu)

Linda Breslin, Ph.D.
Professor, English (linda.breslin@swcu.edu)

Gary Burchette, M.A.
Faculty and Program Director, Adult Studies (Bethany Campus) (gary.burchette@swcu.edu)

Jessie Burpo, B.S.
Admissions Recruiter (jessie.burpo@swcu.edu)

Cassandra Camp
Resident Director (cassandra.camp@swcu.edu)

Allison Canfield, M.A.
Professor of English (allison.canfield@swcu.edu)

Seth Canfield, B.S.
Financial Aid Counselor (seth.canfield@swcu.edu)

Cindi Cary, M.B.A.
Professor, Business, (cindi.cary@swcu.edu)

James Cottage
Talent Scout (james.cottage@swcu.edu)

Julian Cowart, Ph.D.
Director of Online Education (julian.cowart@swcu.edu)

Rhonda Crutcher
Director of General Education (rhonda.crutcher@swcu.edu)

Mark Culham, M.A.T.S.
Professor, Theology, (mark.culham@swcu.edu)

Greg DaValt
Maintenance Director (greg.davalt@swcu.edu)

Amanda Diltz, A.A.
Administrative Assistant, Development (amanda.diltz@swcu.edu)

Taylor Drake, BA
Assistant Creative Arts (taylor.drake@swcu.edu)

Terry Fellenstein
Instructor,  (terry.fellenstein@swcu.edu)

Josh Gamblin, B.S.
Game Day Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, Athletic Department (josh.gamblin@swcu.edu)

Linda Garrett, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Business, (linda.garrett@swcu.edu)

Jessica Gray
Administrative Assistant, Adult Studies – Bethany Campus, (jessica.gray@swcu.edu)

Kristen Gregory
Instructor, HPSM

Harve Griffin, M.S., ATC, LAT
Athletic Trainer, (harve.griffin@swcu.edu)

Shelley Groves, M.Ed., M.A.
Dean, School of Arts and Science and Chair of the Department of Language Arts, (shelley.groves@swcu.edu)

Phylis Hadley, M.A.
Coordinator, Center for Academic and Student Success (phylis.hadley@swcu.edu)

Sherri Hendrix, M.B.A.
Registrar, (sherri.hendrix@swcu.edu)

Adrian Hinkle, Ph.D. (Candidate)
Dean, School of Professional Studies and Chair of the Department of Theology and Missions (adrian.hinkle@swcu.edu)

Chet Horn Ph.D. (Candidate)
Professor, General Education, (chet.horn@swcu.edu)

Daniel Jacobs, Maintenance Staff

Kellye Johnson, M.B.A.
Director, Financial Aid, (kellye.johnson@swcu.edu)

Mark Johnson, D.M.A.
Chair, Department of Creative Arts (mark.johnson@swcu.edu)

Cynthia Jones,
Administrative Assistant/Language Arts (cynthia.jones@swcu.edu)

Shaun Koonce
Men's and Women's Bowling Coach, (shaun.koonce@swcu.edu)

Spencer Ledbetter, Ph.D.
Dean, Adult and Graduate Studies (spencer.ledbetter@swcu.edu)

Robert Lenk, B.B.A.
Assistant Registrar (robert.lenk@swcu.edu)

Jenny Marcos
Women's Tennis Coach, (jenny.marcos@swcu.edu)

Wendy Mathis, A.A.
Accounting Technician, (wendy.mathis@swcu.edu)

Darrick Matthews, M.Ed. 
Professor, Assistant Varsity Men's Basketball Coach (darrick.matthews@swcu.edu)

Yvonne Mayes, B.A.
Financial Aid Counselor (yvonne.mayes@swcu.edu)

Allison McIntosh, B.S.
Sports Information Director  (allison.mcintosh@swcu.edu)

Becky Mitchell, B.S.
Women's Basketball Coach, (becky.mitchell@swcu.edu)

Mark Morgan
Pioneer College Caterers (food service) (mark.morgan@swcu.edu)

Krista Morris, M.L.A.
Administrative Assistant, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs (krista.morris@swcu.edu)

JoLeta Nash, B.S., B.B.A.
Accounting Technician (joleta.nash@swcu.edu)

Dana Owens-DeLong, Ed.D.
Professor of Education (dana.owens-delong@swcu.edu)

Paul Parent, M.Ed.
Track Coach & Academic Assistance, (paul.parent@swcu.edu)

Jim Poteet, Ed.D.
Professor Education/Physical Education & Sport Management, Assistant Athletic Director (james.poteet@swcu.edu)

Linda Riddle
Graduate School Administrative Assistant, (linda.riddle@swcu.edu)

P. David Roman, M.M., M.B.A.
Professor, Creative Arts (david.roman@swcu.edu)

Adrian Rus, Ph.D.
Professor of Social/Behavioral Sciences (adrian.rus@swcu.edu)

Sandy Schmidt, B.S.
Online Academic Counselor, Assistant Volleyball Coach (sandy.schmidt@swcu.edu)

Sheri Sherrill, A.A.
Enrollment Management Administrative Assistant, (sheri.sherrill@swcu.edu)

Zachary Sherrill
Accounting Technician (zachary.ferrell@swcu.edu)

Jonathan Sparks, Ph.D.
Director of Library (jonathan.sparks@swcu.edu)

Teresa Thornton, B.B.A.
Accounting Supervisor, (teresa.thornton@swcu.edu)

Justin Tinder, M.Ed.
Public Relations Director (justin.tinder@swcu.edu)

Terry Tramel, Ed.D
Faculty, Theology and Missions (terry.tramel@swcu.edu)

Ashie Walles
Administrative Assistant for Dean of Professional Studies and Dean of Arts and Science (ashie.walles@swcu.edu

Marsha Walters
Program Representative, Adult Studies – Bethany Campus, (marsha.walters@swcu.edu)

Konstance Wamble
Assistant Librarian (konstance.wamble@swcu.edu)

Rebecca Webster, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Science, (rebecca.webster@swcu.edu

Paul Westenberger
Maintenance (paul.westenberger@swcu.edu)

Jeremy Wente
Faculty, Behavioral Science (jeremy.wente@swcu.edu)

Kent Williams
Faculty and Head Softball Coach, (kent.williams@swcu.edu)

Quinn Wooldridge, M.Ed.
Faculty, Men’s Basketball Coach, (quinn.wooldridge@swcu.edu)

Brittanie Wyatt, M.A.
Instructor, English/Language Arts (brittanie.wyatt@swcu.edu

Ken L. Young, Th.D (Candidate)
Professor, Theology and Missions, (ken.young@swcu.edu)