Department of General Education

General Education

Departmental Mission
As a Christian Liberal arts institution the Department of General Education seeks to integrate into the academic experience a strong Biblical foundation that encourages positive faith, learning, and living.

Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Related majors:

Liberal Studies  (B.S.)

Multidisciplinary Studies (B.A.)

Multidisciplinary Studies (B.S.)


Coordinator, Professor Chet Horn


Integration of Faith and Learning Statement

In conjunction with the university goals and mission, course content of the general education department courses will be guided by, and reflect, a Christian worldview and ethical values. “The logic and knowledge from every discipline is built upon a set of presuppositions. All such presuppositions must be examined and informed by the truth derived from the revealed Word of God and Christian thinking founded on a Christocentric epistemology, so as to create a coherent body of knowledge, i.e., faith informs all of learning’s presuppositional thinking.” (RW, 2009). Key Biblical Texts: Romans 12:1-2 and Colossians 1:17.