Campus Safety and Security

Southwestern Christian University's main campus is located in Bethany, Oklahoma.  Bethany is located just west of Oklahoma City, and has a population of approximately 25,000 people.  Despite being a suburb of Oklahoma City and demonstrating low crime rate levels, SCU is not immune to crime.  SCU prides itself on keeping the campus safe and maintaining a pleasant environment in which students can live, work, and earn an education. 

 SCU Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life and campus administration make ongoing efforts to minimize crime on the SCU campus.  Southwestern Christian University is committed to establishing, providing, and maintaining a safe and secure campus for our staff, faculty, students, alumni, and guests.  

SCU has a great working relationship with the Bethany Police Department.  The Bethany Police maintain a security presence seven days per week for protection of students and facilities.  SCU also provides security personnel from Elite Protection Services.  Elite provides 24 hour security 7 days a week.  Elite Security Guards monitor the inside of buildings as well as the perimeter of the campus.  Elite Protection Service personnel may confront students who appear to be breaking SCU rules. Security personnel may ask to see a student’s I.D. card and may retain the card in order to submit it to the Vice President for Student Life or the Resident Director with a report of the alleged infraction. Students are to obey and respect security personnel and provide them with appropriate information as requested.

SCU Resident Life Staff are available to assist in the overall monitoring of the campus during their evening responsibilities.  Finally, SCU maintains security cameras strategically placed to provide coverage of the overall campus.