Adrian Rus

Name: Adrian Rus

Title/Position: Faculty

Discipline: Psychology

Year Hired: 2013



Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Psychology (Developmental Lab)

Doctoral emphasis in Experimental Psychology and specialization in Developmental Psychology

Dissertation: Child Abuse in Residential Care Institutions in Romania


Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Master of Science (M.S.), Psychology (Developmental Lab)

Thesis: The Effects of Placement History Through the Romanian Protection System on the Development of Children Reared within Foster Families


Dimitrie Cantemir University of Tirgu-Mures, Romania

Master of Science (M.S.), Psycho-Diagnosis, Counseling & Psychotherapy

Thesis: Personality Traits and Vocational Interests: Implications for Organizational Context


Dimitrie Cantemir University of Tirgu-Mures, Romania

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Socio-Psycho Pedagogy

Honors Thesis: Relationship Between Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction at the Work Place

Professional Organizations and Affiliations:

American Psychology Association (APA)

Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)

Oklahoma Counseling Association (OCA)

Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC)

Area/s of Specialty: Child Abuse, neglect, and institutionalization; Foster care

Courses Taught:

Dynamic of Troubled Families

Conflict Management and Resolution

Introduction to Sociology

Counseling Ethnic Groups and Minorities

Theories and Practice of Group Work

Marriage and Family

Interpersonal Relationships

Cultural Competency

Office Location: Cabin 15/B

Campus Phone Number: (405) 789-7661 Ext. 3450

Email Address:

Office Hours: By appointment

Research Interests:

Studying the effects of institutionalization, abuse and neglect on Romanian children

Adapting specialized mental health measures for Romanian children in care

Studying the predictors of the one of the prenatal care utilization of Romanian mothers

Studying the hemoglobin concentration in Romanian infants

Studying the parenting patterns of Romanian parents

Publications and Professional Presentations:

Rus, A. V., Butterfield, M. E., Cross, D. R., Purvis, K. S., Parris, S. R., & Cliff, S. Early Care Experiences and Later Functioning of Romanian Foster Children. Review of Research and Social Intervention. Manuscript accepted for publication; expected publication date March 2014. (2012 Impact Factor 1.354)

Rus, A. V., Stativa, E., Pennings, J. S., Cross, D. R., Ekas, N., Purvis, K., & Parris, S. R., (2013). Severe Punishment of Children by Staff in Romanian Placement Centers for School-Aged Children: Effects of Child and Institutional Characteristics. Child Abuse and Neglect, 37(12), 1152-1162. (2012 Impact Factor 1.610)

Rus, A. V., Ito-Jäger, S., Parris, S. R., Cross, D., Purvis, K. and Drăghici, S. (2013), Behavioural and Emotional Profiles of Romanian Foster Children: A Brief Report. Child Abuse Review. (2012 Impact Factor 0.698)

Rus, A. V., & Parris, S. R. (2013). Relationship between neurotransmitters, behavior, and maltreatment: A review. Journal of Romanian Child and Adolescent Neurology and Psychiatry, 16(2), 7-22.

Tomuletiu, E. A., Rus, A. V. (2012), Organizational revitalization through continuous training -European funded project. Cluj-Napoca, Romania: NapocaStar.

Rus, A. V., Parris, S., Cross, D., Purvis, K., & Draghici, S. (2011). Reforming the Romanian Child Welfare System: 1990-2010. Review of Research and Social Intervention, 34, 56-72. (2012 Impact Factor 1.354)

Rus, A. V., Parris, S., Cross, D., & Purvis, K., (2010). Romanian Institutionalized Children’s Privation and Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory. In Research, Education and Development: Symposium Proceedings. Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Risoprint Publishing House.

Rus, A. V. (2006). Educational program for postinstitutionalized teens. In Cimpean, A. E. (2006). Educatia pe tot parcursul vietii. Semnificatii si continut. Tirgu-Mures, University Press.

Rus, A. V. (2006). Cooperative learning. In Cimpean, A. E. (2006). Educatia pe tot parcursul vietii. Semnificatii si continut. Tirgu-Mures, University Press.

Mission/Passion: Whether I am teaching, mentoring undergraduates, conducting research, volunteering in the community, or living the more mundane aspects of my day-to-day life, it is Christ’s call that I seek to fulfill.

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16

Personal Interests: When I am not teaching or working on my publications, I love to read and spend time with my wife, Iulia, and my young son, Dennis.

Hometown: Tirgu-Mures, Romania